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Bride to Bride Advice on Wedding Photographers

If you’re planning a wedding you’re probably overwhelmed with options and choices. If your budget is not unlimited it can be difficult to fit in everything you want without compromising on quality. But if you’re thinking about slashing your photography budget by not hiring a professional wedding photographer, you might not be aware of the benefits of professional photographers as well as the drawbacks of non-professional photographers.

Why Hiring a Professional is Important

It might sound easy enough. Your cousin has a DSLR camera and once took a photography class, why not get her to photograph your wedding? But what you would make up in cash spent you might end up losing in quality photos.

After all, you only get one chance to photograph the day. Trusting that huge responsibility to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can be overwhelming for them and frustrating for you. A professional with a portfolio has been to dozens of weddings and knows how to capture the day and work with you and your wedding party to get the photos you want. When it comes to professional vs. non-professional there is no comparison when it comes to quality.

Additionally, you also sign a contract with a professional photographer in order to protect your rights and ensure you have legal protection in case something goes wrong. A verbal agreement with your cousin probably won’t be enough to compensate you for any money given if she doesn’t hold up her end of the deal.

Addressing Wedding Day Budget Concerns

You don’t need to tell me twice: wedding can be expensive. But spending the money on photographs to be able to remember your wedding day forever is a good investment. The good news is that there are many ways to go about getting a professional photographer, even on a tight budget.

Most photographers offer packages, allowing brides to choose what services they want. Also, many brides decide to be more thrifty with other aspects of their wedding, or use their DIY skills, to offset costs. If photography is truly important to you, and it absolutely should be, there are ways to hire a great photographer without breaking the bank.

Things to Remember when Choosing Your Photographer

You only get one day to get everything right. Who do you trust more to accomplish this? Your occasional photographer cousin, or a professional who done this job before and knows how to capture every special moment and document your day?

There’s also a good chance you won’t remember a lot of your wedding. I actually recently had a bride tell me she had no idea why guests kept complimenting her wedding and reception space until she saw the photos. When you finally get to the big day, it will be a blur of joy, friends, and family. When the wedding is over, your wedding photos will tell the story of the day you became a wife. Having those moments captures expertly is incredibly important. The last thing you need are hazy memories of your first dance and blurry photos from an amateur photographer to match.

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Take My Advice: Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

It’s so important to be able to preserve your wedding day for all the happy years to come. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is the only way to make sure your pictures are handled properly and your day is captured forever. It might cost more than hiring your cousin, but it will be worth it in the end.

Are You Looking for a Professional Wedding Photographer?

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October 10, 2017

Samantha Searles