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I’ve Moved! New Apartment Blog

Welcome!! Come on in! Below are some before and after photos of my new apartment!

When you enter my front door you immediately hit a set of stairs. I have the whole upstairs of the house, and my mom has the downstairs. The two spaces are completely separate, with different front doors. But my side didn’t always look this way. Below is a grainy photo of when we first looked at the house!

New carpet and a coat of paint did wonders!

After moving in, the foyer felt a little bare. I think the shelf added the functional and visually appealing touch this small space needed! The photos on the shelf are from my trip to Italy with my mom and sister!

When you come up the stairs you enter the main living area. This is the before image! The pinkish-tan carpet and aqua walls made the space feel a little dirty and outdated. This is where I wanted to begin; let me just redo the floors and paint the walls, I thought.

As you can see, we did a little more than just redo the floors and paint the walls. Our painter was amazing! He caulked all of the small cracks in the shiplap and trimmed out all of the new crown molding.

Here is a picture of the living area before the remodel occurred! See the nook on the left? That is where my refrigerator now lives!

Thanks Target and Joanna Gaines for this cute Tray!

A lot of my furniture pieces came from Target, like this cute little side table!

See the refrigerator tucked in the right of this photo. This apartment came with two small nooks: One in the living area and one in the bedroom. We knew we needed to be as smart as possible with these small spaces. And when we realized the fridge fit PERFECTLY in that space, we knew that is where it belonged, thus opening up the kitchen area for a small table and chairs.

Before the renovation, there was a distinct separation between the kitchen and living space due to the different flooring materials. By running the same flooring throughout the entire space, we were able to create seamless transitions between rooms using furniture and rugs to define the space instead of the flooring; thus opening up the furniture layout and making the space feel bigger.

If you recall from the earlier picture of the kitchen, the refrigerator was on the left and the stove was on the right. But we added a washer/dryer and ran out of space on this back wall; therefore, necessitating the relocation of the refrigerator. Since both the washer/dryer and stove needed venting to the outside, the refrigerator got booted from the back wall into the small nook space in the living area. I know it’s a bit unconventional but, with such a small space, it really makes the most sense and still maintains the sink, stove, refrigerator triangle configuration.

This shelf was taken from our original North End home. It was one of the few items left when we moved in on 72nd street. It was originally yellow! But we brought it with us and, after a coat of paint, it’s the perfect place to store my miss-matched mugs, cups, plates, and bowls.

These are pictures I took of Petie when he was just a puppy!!

All Gold Everything. 🙂

I felt it was important to have a place to sit down to dinner with at least two chairs. I found this little table on Wayfair and it is the perfect small addition to my tiny kitchen!

Small, tiny bathroom before!

LArge, spacious bathroom after!

There isn’t space for a door into the bedroom area so we installed a curtain. It’s almost always open, but in the off chance I need to change clothes with company over, it’s a great inexpensive solution for privacy.

Side note: I love this oil diffuser! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend this one!

Here is the second nook, located in my bedroom! Our contractor added a small built-in desk area that is just large enough for my computers!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my new place. It was so fun pairing old items we had at the other house with new items I found to match. By sticking with a very neutral color palette, I was easily able to mix and match textures and items from different stores with faith that everything would look cohesive in the end!

August 16, 2018

Samantha Searles