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Newport Beach, California

Weekend Trip to Newport Beach, California

Since Greg and I live on separate coasts, we have decided to turn our weekend visits into miniature adventures. My most recent visit to the west coast we stayed in Newport Beach.

There are so many incredible and beautiful things about Newport Beach, but I think my favorite part is all of the luscious greenery!  As you can see in the photos below, I could not stop photographing the plants and flowers! This whole area was a wedding photographer’s dream!

All of the photos of me were taken by Greg! I’m so proud!

I love how full these window boxes were! Everything around us seemed so abundant!

This tiny cafe was serving brunch.

I think this ivy-covered archway was one of my favorite spots we photographed, and it was right at our hotel!

This sunhat was both fun and very functional!

Look at all of the succulents between each stair!

I love these pink furry flowers that hung from trees!

More succulents- they were everywhere! I have owned and killed three and yet in Southern California, they were giant and plentiful!

May 12, 2019

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Samantha Searles