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Couples Session at Trona Pinnacles

Last week I visited the Trona Pinnacles for the first time for a photo session! We did a double couple session with two pups!

Fun fact about this location:

The Trona Pinnacles were actually formed under what used to be Searles Lake (I know! Who knew my family had a lake named after them!) from an interaction of blue-green algae and local chemical and geothermal conditions. Eventually the lake dried up and left these tall rock formations. It was definitely a fun location to visit if you’re ever out near Ridgecrest, CA!

About the Session:

Stephanie and Andy were in town from Virginia visiting Bridgette and David and agreed to join in on the photo session and also help handle the dogs! It was so fun to have two couples to work with at once and have the pups too! I always love when there is a lot going on at sessions! It keeps things interesting and keeps me on my toes!

When we first got there the sun was high and bright. But as the sun started to set the light became very warm and bounced off the sandy dirt creating a beautiful creamy glow at the end of the session.

It’s still so crazy to me that in such a short drive in California you can see such different terrain and get a completely different look to your photos! Enjoy these photos below from our session!

October 28, 2020

  1. Bridgette says:

    Love them! We had such a fun time. The dogs were a bit much for us but you did such a great job capturing my angels. Thanks so much Samantha!

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